Shapeshifter — Mini Album (VINYL)


Shapeshifter — Mini Album (VINYL)

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"Shapeshifter" by Day of the Jackalope available on vinyl now! The mini album is available in 40 blue and 40 black vinyls. Limited, be quick!  


Side A — Shapeshifter, Agitate, Salvager

Side B — Indecent Suggestions, Red Mercury, Spite


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Day of the Jackalope return with their second release, mini album “Shapeshifter”.

On the heels of their highly praised eponymous debut EP, Day of the Jackalope have been back in the studio to record an even more eclectic collection of energetic stoner rock anthems. After honing their skills playing live shows to support their first outing, they return with an even more varied collection of bluesy, groovy and aggressive songs. Elements of prog and spaced out jams are given more room in longer songs, but hard-hitting energy is still the core of their songwriting. This is a band defining their own sound while drawing on influences from all over the musical spectrum. The result is an in-your-face riff-fest that will leave your neck muscles sore. The band is eager to show off their new material on stage, and will be playing as many shows as possible in 2017.

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