Summoned to play it the old way in a new age, Dunbarrow is drawing inspiration from freezing winter nights, unpolished demo tapes from the 70’s and the Swedish throwback rock from the beginning of the 21st century. The result is Norwegian Proto-Doom with gloomy lyrics and riffs going from heavy to eerie, from Pentagram and Black Sabbath to Quicksilver Messenger Service. 

Dunbarrow has their base in Trondheim, but is originally from Haugesund on the west coast of Norway. The band has been playing together in over 8 years through different band names and genres. In 2014 changes were made when Richard Chappell (vocals and bass) decided to leave the band. Espen Andersen came in on vocals, while Sondre Berge went from playing drums to playing bass. Kenneth Lønning and Eirik Øvregård are still on the guitars, while Kim Henry Kling helps out on drums. The band released their self-titled LP January 29th this year followed by a release tour in Norway.

Dunbarrow’s debut album oozes quality from start to finish. What more do you want from a doom metal album. You’ve got riffs, trippy psychedelic vibes, creepy moments and fantastic sounding proto-metal sounds to rock out to. A stunning debut album.
— Outlaws of the Sun
.. one of the country’s best new metal bands
— Totto Mjelde on Stjernepose P13

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